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Everyone is invited to make a lantern and march in the parade! There are all kinds of ways to make a butterfly lantern! Take a look at the Lantern Ideas & Inspiration page and think about adding butterflies. You could decorate a globe lantern or a plastic bottle lantern in butterflies. You could make a box lantern with butterfly drawings. String lights in decorated umbrellas is always nice. You can also find light-up butterfly-looking fairy wings to add to your floral galore costume! (Scroll down for costume advice.) You can also ride with Outback Bikes in front of the parade! Text Outback for details!


Make a Butterfly Lantern Puppet! 


Imagine 100 butterfly lantern puppets flying through he streets of Hapeville!

Let's make this magic happen! Sign up to make a large butterfly lantern puppet in a workshop with Chantelle Rytter. Or make a small butterfly lantern puppet yourself with the free downloadable print and tutorial below. Or pick up a small $10 butterfly lantern kit at Arches Brewery, starting on March 8th. Arches is open Monday-Saturday, 2pm-8pm and is cash-free.


Butterfly Lantern Puppet Workshops! $15 


All workshops will be held at Christ Church, 680 S. Central Ave, Hapeville GA, 30354. Entrance to the parking is on Atlanta Ave. Check out the Butterfly Lantern Parade Map.


We will be making 22” x 17” illuminated butterfly puppets. This involves coloring with markers, scissor-work, hot glue, tape, and a fair amount of manual dexterity. 


This project is best for folks 8 years-old and up.  Children must be accompanied by an adult at all times. 


Tickets are per butterfly. Two people can work on one butterfly (please no more than two). There are just 14 butterflies per class, so that Christ Church will be at 25% capacity. 


The butterflies do take 3 hours to make. Please do your best to be on time. You are welcome to bring a beverage & snack. All materials are included. Register through the links below.


Oh hey! There are two adults-only workshops because advocating grown-up playtime is a mission of the Krewe of the Grateful Gluttons! Y’all work too much. : )


*These workshops are funded in part by Hapeville Main Street for the Butterfly Lantern Parade. Please plan to march in the parade on March 25th!


Saturday, March 18

Adults 4:00pm-7:00pm


Sunday, March 19




Tuesday, March 21

Adults 6:00pm-9:00pm


Wednesday, March 22

Adults 6:00pm-9:00pm


Thursday, March 23


DIY 11 x 8.5 Butterfly Lantern Puppet!


You can do it! Some of the materials are sold in quantities, so this project would be more economical and lots more fun if you did it with friends. You're basically making paper, bubble wrap, light sandwiches on a stick.


You will need:

Scissors, hot glue, clear tape, colored markers (highlight markers are the best)

2 pieces of 8.5 x 11 bubble wrap (ask around before you buy it, all kinds of things get packaged with bubble wrap), kitchen cardboard scraps (ei. cereal boxes, 12-pack boxes), one of these little string lights in “cool white. You’ll need three sticks 30”-36” long. You can buy these or go look outside for nice straight sticks, like privet or bamboo. I’m using 30” marshmallow roasting sticks for the wing rods (clip off the point), and one 36” bamboo carry stick for the body. Garden centers often have single sticks.


Print these four images on regular 20lb printer paper in black and white, and look at the photo tutorial. Have fun!

Butterfly Lantern Puppet Directions:

Floral galore costume tips!


We are on the hunt for playful spring colors, floral prints, shiny bits, and accessories. It’s going to be cool out, so we can have lots of fun with layers, hats, scarves, and gloves. Before you go shopping, look in all the closets and the attic! Look in your grandma’s closet. Next, head to the thrift store. There’s a Value Village on Metropolitan Ave. not far from Hapeville. Look for combination you wouldn't normally wear together. Guys, shop in the ladies department! The men’s section is boring. Don’t forget to swing by housewares for oddities and flowers. You could tack felt flowers to anything!


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