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One of the Krewe of the Gratful Gluttons favorite projects of all time was A Jazz Funeral for Snake Nation with Flux Night in Castleberry Hill. We held a jazz funeral for an Atlanta red light district, Snake Nation, that was burned down in the 1850's. To commemorate the lost buildings, forty of them were saloons, we built a 40-saloon salute with oil lamp lit shadow boxes in workshops.


Few people seemed to know the story of Snake Nation. Atlanta's first political party was the Free & Rowdy Party. They lost to the Moral Party in 1851. They took it badly. The Rowdies fired a mud ball out of a cannon at John Norcross' door. In retribution, masked men with torches and axes came in the night and destroyed Snake Nation. Our procession was beautiful and moving. It was an election year.

A Jazz Funeral For Snake Nation was commissioned by FLUX Projects for FLUX Night 2012. Gene Kansas interviewed the Krewe live for Sidewalk Radio.

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