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Our call for 100 volunteer butterfly puppeteers is full! Sign up for the waitlist hereYou can join the fun by making your own little monarch butterfly puppet. DIY prints and instructions are below and free butterfly kits will be available at our Open Studio Night on September 29, 6-9pm, 1070 White Street SW, 30310. Other kit locations TBA.
Amal Walks with the Monarchs is sponsored by Art on the Atlanta Beltline
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Please join the Krewe of the Grateful Gluttons + Liquid Sky + Mausiki Scales & the Common Ground Collective in welcoming Little Amal to Atlanta!

Amal’s visit coincides with the monarch butterfly migration passing through Atlanta on their 2000-mile journey to Mexico. The monarchs are inspiring for the sheer might in their fragile bodies, their transformational potential, the mystical power of their inner compass, and disregard for borders.

Make a small illuminated monarch butterfly puppets and join the butterfly sanctuary
in the Old Fourth Ward Skatepark Field to welcome Amal! 


DIY 11 x 8.5 Monarch Butterfly Lantern Puppet!


You can do it! Some of the materials are sold in quantities, so this project would be more economical and lots more fun if you did it with friends. You're basically making paper, bubble wrap, light sandwiches on a stick.


You will need:

Scissors, hot glue, clear tape,2 pieces of 8.5 x 11 bubble wrap (ask around before you buy it, all kinds of things get packaged with bubble wrap), kitchen cardboard scraps (ie. cereal boxes, 12-pack boxes), one of these little string lights in “warm white. You’ll need three sticks 30”-36” long. I’m using 30” marshmallow roasting sticks .


Print these four images on regular 20lb printer paper in black and white, and look at the photo tutorial on the
Butterfly Lantern Parade
page (which you will be all ready for!). Have fun!

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