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April 15, 2023!

Pre-parade fun & parade line-up 6-8pm at Steel Canyon Golf Club, 460 Morgan Falls Rd., Sandy Springs, GA 30305

The parade steps-off at 8:30 pm! Parade Route


In its 8th year, the Sandy Springs Lantern Parade is an annual event where everyone is invited to make a lantern and march in the parade down to the river! Follow the giant lantern puppets and everyone’s favorite marching band, the Black Sheep Ensemble, down to beautiful Morgan Falls Overlook Park and see the water lantern puppets come to life on the Chattahoochee River! Dancing with twelve-foot tall great blue heron puppet while watching a twenty-six foot long albino alligator swim in the river is an experience unique in the world. The river lanterns are animated by High County Outfitters paddle pros.


You make the magic! Witnessing the people you share a city with as playful volumes of light is a collective joy that we all need. Shine your light and take it to the river! 

  • Invent! There are lots of easy lantern-making ideas and free downloadable lantern prints here.

  • Get a Lantern Kit! Starting on April 1, a variety of lantern kits will be available at Steel Canyon Golf Club.

  • On April 8th, lantern kits will be available at  Sandy Springs Farmer’s Market.

Flying Pig Lantern kits will be available at all locations. The Swoop of Flying Pigs lead the parade! (See photos below)


Anywhere on Morgan Falls Road is good place to see the parade go by. Please don’t climb on the retaining walls. The bottom of the hill just before the park is the prettiest! Don’t miss seeing the water lanterns on the river! You can take a shuttle back to parking.


All parking lots are a short walk to Steel Canyon Golf Club, so wear your walking shoes. Shuttles run from the end back to parking. Parking is available at the Old World Pay Building (600 Morgan Falls Rd. Sandy Springs, GA 30350). Parking is also available at North Springs United Methodist Church (7770 Roswell Rd, Sandy Springs, GA 30350) for $5.00. The money collected is used to support NSUMC outreach programs. 

The Swoop of Flying Pigs!
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