Big thanks to everyone who came out! I know our dead loved it. See you November 1, 2022!

The Krewe of the Grateful Gluttons cordially invite you to participate in the

L5P All Souls Altars  & Parade of the Dead

Remembering and honoring our dead with a sincerely joyful and creepy celebration with Altars for All Souls to be visited by a Parade of the Dead. This is for us. The staff and the regulars of L5P and our dearly departed.

You know L5P has fun dead people! Remember yours by contributing a memento to an Altar at your favorite haunt:


The Euclid Avenue Yacht Club

Criminal Recrods

Corner Tavern

Star Bar

Java Lords


On Monday, November 1, 2021, the dead will visit the Altars as the Parade of the Dead!

We will gather in Findley Square at 6:45pm and step-off at 7pm. The dead will deliver flowers to the altars on the route. 

There are no street closures. The dead will stay on the sidewalk. We will finish outside at the Yacht Club!

All are welcome to represent the dead in skeleton make-up, mask, or skellie puppets, and follow the Krewe’s giant skeleton puppets in a sidewalk parade with Wasted Potential Brass Band! This year is the Krewe's skellie puppets 13th birthday!

Parade of the Deadpreview_edited.jpg
Big thanks to our sponsors!